In Memory

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By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Samantha Albert (Class Of 1989)  
John Amodei (Class Of 1984)
Joseph Amoia (Class Of 1980)
Douglas Anderson (Class Of 1984)  
Christopher Andre (Class Of 1982)
Robert Atkins (Class Of 1983)
Robert Bachman (Class Of 1984)  
Mary Beth Balloni (Class Of 1985)  
Jay Barwinczak (Class Of 1988)
John Beer (Class Of 1983)  
John Bennett (Class Of 1985)
Stephanie Bohayets (Class Of 1986)
Thomas Bolak (Class Of 1985)
Janeen Bower (Class Of 1984)
Thomas Brown (Class Of 1988)
Janine Burlew (Class Of 1987)
Michael Carpino (Class Of 1982)
David Carrington (Class Of 1982)  
Frank Chindamo (Class Of 1980)
Thomas Clark (Class Of 1982)
David Clary (Class Of 1982)
Tracy Clemens (Class Of 1988)
Heide Clifford (Class Of 1986)
Tim Cooter (Class Of 1986)
Reggie Copes (Class Of 1983)
David Corning (Class Of 1980)
Shawn Crowell (Class Of 1989)
Mark Curry (Class Of 1984)
Michael Dann (Class Of 1989)
Elizabeth Davies (Class Of 1981)
Cathy Delaney (Tardibone) (Class Of 1980)
Seanna Donley (Class Of 1986)
Amy Douglas (Class Of 1985)
Tim Driscoll (Class Of 1983)  
Christopher Dubrule (Class Of 1980)  
Dawn Durbin (Class Of 1983)
Marlyn Fanning (Class Of 1984)
Edward Fiore (Class Of 1980)  
Lynda Fordyce (Class Of 1985)  
Susan Giannone (Class Of 1983)
Laurie Gleason (Class Of 1981)  
Frank Guido (Class Of 1985)  
Michael Hannig (Class Of 1983)
Melissa Hudson (Class Of 1987)  
John Impaglia (Class Of 1982)  
Yvette Jackson (Class Of 1985)
Loretta Johnson (Class Of 1983)
Martin Kinary (Class Of 1980)
Patricia Knox (Class Of 1980)
Peter Kovich (Class Of 1984)
Peter Lawler (Class Of 1985)
James LoPiccolo (Class Of 1988)
David Losani (Class Of 1983)
Sean Lupo (Class Of 1986)
Debbie Marks (Class Of 1985)
Donna Marks (Class Of 1985)
Marie Mastropietro (Class Of 1987)
Florence May (Class Of 1985)
William May (Class Of 1982)
Walter McConnell (Class Of 1984)
Shannon McCormick (Class Of 1983)
Roxanne Minde (Class Of 1982)
Elizabeth Mitchell (Class Of 1985)
Julie Monson (Class Of 1981)
Elisabeth Moore (Class Of 1985)
Maria Napoli (Class Of 1981)
Andrew Nolan (Class Of 1981)
Beth Nolan (Class Of 1981)
Katherine O'Hearn (Class Of 1982)  
Dean Paulino (Class Of 1983)
Dennis Paxhia (Class Of 1986)
Patrick Penefeather (Class Of 1988)
Stacy Richardson (Class Of 1985)
Marcy Rogers (Class Of 1982)
Gordy Ross (Class Of 1983)
Patrick Ryan (Class Of 1988)
Michelle Scott (Class Of 1986)
David Sears (Class Of 1988)  
Kevin Shaw (Class Of 1981)  
William Sheftic (Class Of 1985)
Cynthia Sinclair (Class Of 1980)
David Smith (Class Of 1980)
Joyce Smolak (Bocian) (Class Of 1982)
Krista Socci (Class Of 1982)
Lynne Socci (Class Of 1984)
Leslie Staples (Class Of 1985)
Kimberly Stiles (Class Of 1988)
Michele Strazzere (Class Of 1984)
Lisa Taylor (Class Of 1980)  
Wendy Townsend (Class Of 1986)
Nada VanDusen (Class Of 1989)
Jeffrey VanOrman (Class Of 1988)  
Mary Vosskuhler (Class Of 1982)  
Janna Walsh (Class Of 1983)
Joanne Walsh (Class Of 1982)
David Watkins (Class Of 1985)  
Mark Weaver (Class Of 1987)  
Kevin Weslowski (Class Of 1982)
Jerry White (Class Of 1987)
Michael Wride (Class Of 1987)
Robert Zabinski (Class Of 1980)

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